Interior Design & Architecture Projects

Housing & workspace for better quality of life

Project Include

- 3d visualizations

- Floor plans

- Full manual for builders

- Full manual for furniture companies

- Furniture prices with links

- Online consultations

Interior visualizations

How it works

Project request

We could communicate using e-Mail, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Information collecting

Before we start need to know the style and type and total area of project.

Deposit payment

We are asking for 50% payment depending on total area, before we will start. Normally we are using PayPal or MasterCard account payments.

Floor plans creating

Floor plans this is basis of interior and it should be perfect.

3d renderings creating

3d visualization this is powerfull instrument, which gives you a chance to see your future interior before renovation.

Technical data creating

After finishing of 3d visualizations and floor plans we are working on technical part of the project. This is needed for accurate realization of your future home.


You may ask to edit something on your future home. We are working till you will be happy with result. But we are interested to finish the project in the shortest timeline.

Balance Payment

After editing of the project we are asking for final payment.


You and builders may have many questions during realization. We will answer to all this questions.


Your perfect home is finished.

High-Quality visualization

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